[PD] [announce] flext 0.1.1 / xsample 0.2.1 / idelay 0.0.1

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Mon Feb 18 12:48:56 CET 2002

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
i'm proud to announce the new versions of

* flext (which used to be max-pd 0.2), the C++ layer for pd and max/msp

Along with the name a lot has changed - programming C++ externals has become
a cinch.
Version 0.1.1 features abstractions for DSP handling, more robustness,
better readability of code, and more documentation.
See idelay or xsample sources for further reference.

* xsample, a collection of sample objects

quite a few bugs have been fixed

xgroove~ is a varispeed sample player/looper (much like Max/MSP groove~)
xplay~ acts like tabread4~ with more options
xrecord~ records message- or signal-triggered into a buffer (with mix-in

under Max/MSP these objects are multi-channel capable

* idelay, a simple interpolating delay (in one object) - mainly a
demonstration how to use flext

For these packages find sources, project files, builds and help patches
for Windows (MS VC++ 6, BorlandC++ 5.5), Linux (gcc i686) and MacOS
(CodeWarrior) under


have fun,

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