[PD] ASIO for win NT/2K

Christian Guirreri christian_guirreri at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 18:17:38 CET 2002

This sounds very interesting.

Would there possibly be a way to compile pd to use Steinberg's ReWire 
system?  This would allow us to use it directly with sequencers like 
Cubase, Nuendo, and Reason in WinNT and Mac.

Thanks for all the hard work.  I think many of us would be very interested 
to see it.

At 04:42 PM 2/21/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>This is brilliant!!!!!!
>Will you publish your version? (I am afraid I don't have MSVC)
>I would appreciate it.
>At 18:24 19.02.02 -0500, you wrote:
>>I compiled an ASIO version of PD using PortAudio v1.7 with the beta ASIO
>>drivers and Steinberg's ASIO 2.0 SDK. The program compiled successfully
>>using s_mac.c and s_portaudio.c with MSVC++ 6.0.
>>Both audio input and output are working as tested on a DIGIGRAM VxPocket
>>v2.0 PCMCIA audio card running on a Sony Vaio under win2k with the latest
>>driver package from Digigram (v4.4c). I tested it with a microphone and
>>monitor speakers.
>>The software reports 12ms latency for each device: i.e. 24ms I/O latency.
>>This corresponds with what I heard and is a significant improvement over
>>the ~350ms latency reported when using the Microsoft Wave or DirectX
>>Here's the PortAudio startup report:
>>MIDI: not yet implemented
>>PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: numDrivers = 1
>>PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: InputChannels = 2
>>PaASIO_QueryDeviceInfo: OutputChannels = 2
>>PortAudio : possible sample rate = 32000
>>PortAudio : possible sample rate = 44100
>>PortAudio : possible sample rate = 48000
>>PortAudio : minSize = 504
>>PortAudio : preferredSize = 512
>>PortAudio : maxSize = 2016
>>PortAudio : granularity = 126
>>PortAudio : User buffer size = 128
>>PortAudio : ASIO buffer size = 512
>>PortAudio : Minimum BufferOffset for Output = 0
>>PortAudio : ASIOCreateBuffers with size = 512
>>PortAudio : InputLatency = 572 latency = 12 msec
>>PortAudio : OuputLatency = 572 latency = 12 msec
>>To do: create a new file called s_nt_asio.c that includes the NT MIDI
>>interfaces as well as the PortAudio calls from s_mac.c. Has someone done
>>this already ? If not, I'll try and make it.
>>Best regards,
>>Mike Casey
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>> > Hi all,
>> >
>> > There's a Pd "portaudio" interface (in s_mac.c and s_portaudio.c), and
>> > portaudio supports ASIO in "beta"... see
>> > http://www.portaudio.com/
>> >
>> > So in principle you can get Pd to talk to ASIO by just linking it all
>> > toghether. I haven't tried this because I don't have any soundcards in my
>> > Windows machine that support ASIO.
>Michael Iber

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