[PD] ASIO for win NT/2K

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Tue Feb 26 08:09:49 CET 2002

If you mean the kX WDM drivers (for all Creative/Emu 10k1/10k2 cards), they
have matured very much. Mixer and DSP framework works great. ASIO latency
goes down to 2.33ms it has 8 stereo / 16 mono playback and recording busses.
DSP effects are inserted in a Creamware like patch window (or PD-like...
objects and cables ;-)).
I have been beta testing them since november.

See www.kxproject.com


> actually i know one of the developers from another listserv .   but at the
> time when he mentioned it the WDM drivers didnt have a mixer implemented
> ... so i refrained .

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