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ludwig zeininger lu at mur.at
Mon Feb 25 16:18:16 CET 2002

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i had a python external written for an installation i did two years
ago. the reason i never published it was that the author does not maintain
the package, and i had lost the source (...). but just last night i found 
it on my old notebook - back from 'service' after more than one year, now
completely broken but for the harddrive, to hell with gericom!
anyway, it works fine, the python thingy, that is... (had it running in an
installation for 6 consecutive months), is not complete (not all pd types
are supported), restricted to python1.5 and since the interpreter 
runs inside pd it can block.
let me know if you're interested. i can send you the code or post a link 

and just to wet your appetites: there's a corba external coming up.


On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, mark wrote:

::I gave some serious thought to the scripting thing last night. I am thinking
::of building a "python" external that would allow simple scripts - you
::would make make an object:
::	py scriptname
::which would take a python class that is similar in structure to the external
::"class" structure used by externals currently - obviously a bit more simple.
::No DSP of course (can't imagine it would be vaguely fast enough). Python
::is a good fit with PD I belive - it does good list type manipulation (in
::it will be easy to write a set of list manipulation externals which I have
::wanting for a while now) and its got some quite nifty features. Oh and I
::to learn it which strikes me as a good a reason as any ;-)
::So - does anyone have any requests for features or things I should be

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