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jmmmpl at netcabo.pt jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Fri Mar 1 17:23:32 CET 2002

Dear list,

(some problems I ran into today while building a small sampler)

Is the use of extended characters (like ä, é, ã, etc.) and spaces going to
be implemented? For someone who doesn't have its folders just with simple
characters, it is sometimes hard to restructure everything.
(I am using test 8 on xp, I'm not aware if this is not an issue any more -
if so, my apologies)
I noticed that I can use them in dialogs like bang properties, but not on
comment text (or text that is edited in the screen)
I also noted something: when trying to make a dynamic amplitude control
(output of vslider with right input of *~), it would only work if the signal
multiplier would be stated as "*~0", with just "*~" it would give the
amplitude of the recorded sample. Is this normal, or just a small insect
Would it be possible in the future to also have meter labels for sliders?
And a undo function?
I would like also to report a strange behaveor in switch~: in the help file
it works fine, but when trying to control it (with a toggle), instead of
switching dsp, it only switched sound, dsp calculation would continue. And
after switching dsp really off (with a message), by turning switch~ on dsp
would not be really turned on, it would only be switched on by another
message (by the way, the help option points to the wrong file)
how does one scale the signal of env~ to go to a vu-meter? neither directly
or with dbs- and powtodb work correctly. (or is there a better way to
measure an audio signal with vu-m?)
one small bug that can ba annoying is the different position of the objects
when a file is opened. Usually that is not so bad because all the objects
maintain the same relative position, but while tring to use canvases, the
objects would maintain the same absolute position, and only the canvases
would change position, ruining the whole perspective. Is there a cure for
this side effect? (still test8 on xp)
is there any reference file for env~?
what is the right-side output of tabplay~? (this isn't mentioned in the help
(this is the last one)
another small bug: when there is a subpatch open and we open it again
(pressing "pd subpatch"), it isn't possible to execute keyboard commands
(ctrl-e, etc), everything must be done from the menu. Only after closing the
subpatch window and opening it again (this time fresh) keyboard commands are
possible. (again, I don't know if this has been taken care of)

Thank you,

João Miguel Pais

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