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Nicolas Lhommet nlhommet at netcourrier.com
Fri Mar 1 18:13:34 CET 2002

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> I also noted something: when trying to make a dynamic amplitude control
> (output of vslider with right input of *~), it would only work if the
> multiplier would be stated as "*~0", with just "*~" it would give the
> amplitude of the recorded sample. Is this normal, or just a small insect
> (bug)?

A "*~" box with nothing connected to one of the inlets should output a
If you send a number as a message or a float value to one of the inlets,
this is different: sending a message "3" to one of the inlets should be like
connecting a "sig~ 3" to this inlet.

> I would like also to report a strange behaveor in switch~: in the help
> it works fine, but when trying to control it (with a toggle), instead of
> switching dsp, it only switched sound, dsp calculation would continue. And
> after switching dsp really off (with a message), by turning switch~ on dsp
> would not be really turned on, it would only be switched on by another
> message (by the way, the help option points to the wrong file)

I don't know what exactly does "switch~" internally, but it really turns off
some dsp calculations inside a patch and its subpatches (different from
turning every dsp off). Try it in a patch with a lot of dsp objects, and
look at the value in the load meter.


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