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Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Mar 2 16:19:42 CET 2002

hi jmmmpl (comments inlined),

jmmmpl at netcabo.pt wrote:
> (I am using test 8 on xp, I'm not aware if this is not an issue any more -

Do not use test8 -- upgrade to test11 or downgrade to test4.

> I also noted something: when trying to make a dynamic amplitude control
> (output of vslider with right input of *~), it would only work if the signal
> multiplier would be stated as "*~0", with just "*~" it would give the
> amplitude of the recorded sample. Is this normal, or just a small insect
> (bug)?

A comment in doc/3.audio.examples/02.amplitude.pd:

[*~ 0] <-- multiply the sine wave by the gain, reducing its
amplitude. You can also use the "*~" object to multiply two
signals. The "0" argument here instructs it that we'll just
send it messages to set the multiplier.

> I would like also to report a strange behaveor in switch~: in the help file
> it works fine, but when trying to control it (with a toggle), instead of
> switching dsp, it only switched sound, dsp calculation would continue. And
> after switching dsp really off (with a message), by turning switch~ on dsp
> would not be really turned on, it would only be switched on by another
> message (by the way, the help option points to the wrong file)

For turning audio on/off globally you would use `pd dsp' message, while
[switch~] works locally, i.e. for a (sub)patch it is placed in.  It does
stop normal dsp calculations for a patch, and feeds patch outlets~ with
a silence, instead.

> how does one scale the signal of env~ to go to a vu-meter? neither directly
> or with dbs- and powtodb work correctly. (or is there a better way to
> measure an audio signal with vu-m?)

Rather than scaling, simply subtract 96 from [env~]'s output.

> is there any reference file for env~?


> what is the right-side output of tabplay~? (this isn't mentioned in the help
> file)

Sends a bang after playback.  Btw. there is always a simple way to find out
such things -- connect a [print] to the outlet in question.

> another small bug: when there is a subpatch open and we open it again
> (pressing "pd subpatch"), it isn't possible to execute keyboard commands
> (ctrl-e, etc), everything must be done from the menu. Only after closing the
> subpatch window and opening it again (this time fresh) keyboard commands are
> possible. (again, I don't know if this has been taken care of)

This looks like a Windows-only trouble...


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