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where can i find this "seg" external ?

joge .

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> > Has anybody tried the "seg gui" thing ?
> Yes, it eats a lot of cpu when you move big graphical objects quickly, but
> it works well (thanks Damien).
> Right now there's only one object type (line with some attributes), but
> other types should come later. With some messages, you can move the lines,
> change their size, color, focus,... and you can get mouse events (mouse on
> object, click, ...) so you can drag and drop, get the objects coords to
> control parameters in a sound patch, ...
> You should simply try the examples (in seg/doc), it's easy to install and
> run.
> I was a bit disapointed with templates in Pd 0.35, and I hope seg could
> bring some graphical features sadly missing for building dynamic GUIs
> Pd.
> nicolas

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