Damien HENRY damien_henry at libertysurf.fr
Mon Mar 4 22:55:08 CET 2002

> > Has anybody tried the "seg gui" thing ?
> Yes, it eats a lot of cpu when you move big graphical objects quickly, but
> it works well (thanks Damien).
It's curently write in tcl/tk to validate the concept and to make it easy to 
run on all platfrom supported by pd. It will be possible and not so hard to 
port it on java or gtk+ or whatever.

> Right now there's only one object type (line with some attributes), but
> other types should come later.
That's rigth and the next one will be a canvas to allow a pd object to 
create/open some windows before drawing in them. Some rectangles, circles and 
text will follow.

>With some messages, you can move the lines,
> change their size, color, focus,... and you can get mouse events (mouse on
> object, click, ...) so you can drag and drop, get the objects coords to
> control parameters in a sound patch, ...
very good resume, even better than the doc !

> You should simply try the examples (in seg/doc), it's easy to install and
> run.

> I was a bit disapointed with templates in Pd 0.35, and I hope seg could
> bring some graphical features sadly missing for building dynamic GUIs
> inside Pd.
That's the goal. 

Don't hesitate to contact me, seg is still very open : today it's less than 
100 lines of codes !!!


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