[PD] looking for info on cygwin .

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Sun Mar 3 04:31:16 CET 2002

hi ,

i am looking at alot of the linux externals out there and remeber that i was
going to try to get some of these externals compiled with cygwin for such
*nix functions as "pthreads", and *nix style file directories .  However, i
seem to be having problems figuring how exactly to compile these externals
with the cygwin1.dll , or rather to use it.  I know that some how i need a
.lib file or equavlent to link with , what i dont know is how to create one
.  So i was just posting to see if any one had this kind of knowledge
available to them and could help me out .

thanks .

joge .

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