[PD] VST~ - alpha release

mark mark at junklight.com
Mon Mar 4 15:57:44 CET 2002


I am working on a VST plugin that supports VST2.0. It 
currently supports most of the functionality of "plugin~" 
plus midi note on and off. It currently only works with 
process replacing plugins. It seems to work with things 
like the pro-52 plugin and waldorf d-pole just fine....

There is no help file as yet. 


In order to support plugins with spaces in the name it takes all 
the parameters it is given and assumes they are parts of the 
name with spaces in between. Thus 

	vst~ waldorf d-pole 

loads the d-pole plugin because it looks for "waldorf d-pole". The 
VST_PATH environment variable is use just like for "Plugin~". 
The two right most inputs are for midi note and velocity and 
work just like the "noteout" object. 

There is not currently any support for: 

	manufacturer supplied graphical editor
	other midi messages 

 I am in the process of adding all of these. The editor does 
actually work but the window it is in breaks PD so it is disabled 
at present. There are no plans for a graphical interface for 
plugins with no supplied editor - what do you think PD is for ;-)

I have discovered that not all VST plugins behave properly 
- for example I found one called VST_Chopper that crashes 
PD if you print its parameters. 

What I need is some alpha testers to give this a go with your 
favourite plugins to try to turn up any other problems that 
I might not have come across yet. 

If you are interested send me an email and I will send you 
the current version of the external. Note this is windows 
only (obviously I hope...)



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