[PD] networked multi-channel PD cluster

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Wed Mar 6 06:15:22 CET 2002

I am planning on using netsend/netreceive since they seem to do what I 
need them to and they are already part of PD.  OSC would be best in the 
long run, but it seems like its a bit beta still.  I plan on using 
multiple computers because I want to space the speakers every 75 meters 
or so along the 500 m tunnel.  Running audio cables 500 m isn't really 
feasible, but ethernet can do 100m cable lengths.  I'll have a hub or 
router every 100m.  (FYI: PD does support multiple audio outs).

Also, currently I am not too concerned with latency since its probably 
going to be a prerecorded bit played back, rather than a live 
performace.  That can come later.  I might choose OS X because I am 
getting a bunch of Macs for this project that I might want to use for 
other things in the future.  Linux is an option too.  I am not concerned 
with the OS really since PD works for me on both platforms.

Has anyone seen anything like this implemented before?  I am mainly 
looking for examples of spacialization in such a setup, plus how to 
control it all once its setup.


David Sabine wrote:

>(Someone please tell me if this is post all wrong and terribly
>uninformed...I'm new to this list.)
>In terms of networking the many computers together and getting all your PD
>patches to communicate, I think you could use Open Sound Control, or perhaps
>the netsend and netreceive objects (native PD objects).
>I found an OSC (open sound control) object and reference at
>(Don the speed of your computer and the intensity of your installation, you
>could consider running all the audio outputs from a single computer -- with
>a multi-output soundcard. For example I've seen Digidesign hardware or
>Sonorus hardware with 8 analog outputs.  HOWEVER, I don't know whether PD
>supports more than 2 audio outs yet ??(can somebody else answer this?)-- but
>I know SuperCollider and MAX for the Macintosh do.)
>Dave Sabine
>dave at davesabine.com
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>>I am working on a sound installation in an old train tunnel and I am
>>using PD to control everything.  But since I am a PD neophyte, I want to
>>ask the list for direction.  Basically, my plan is to use about 8
>>computers spaced down the length of the tunnel, each with two speakers.
>> They will be networked together and running either OS X or linux.
>>Here is how I envision it:
>>(L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)   (L) (R)      [speakers]
>> \  /      \  /      \  /      \  /       \  /
>>master     slave     slave     slave     slave
>>  |---------| |-------| |-------| |-------| |---...  [ethernet]
>>All of the computers will share a pool of samples via the network.  I
>>would like to control all of the PDs from the master computer.
>>For the first aspect of the installation, I would like to be able to
>>trigger any sample on any/all computers and even move samples down the
>>tunnel.  The second aspect, I would like to be able to control granular
>>synthesis on these computers.
>>Does anybody know anyone who has done something like this before?  With
>>PD?  Any advice you want to offer to get me going in the right direction
>>would be grreatly appreciated.  I am just starting with PD, but am
>>familiar with most of the concepts since I have a background in Csound
>>and programming.
>>"Man has survived hitherto because he was to ignorant to know how to
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"Man has survived hitherto because he was to ignorant to know how to realize
his wishes. Now that he can realize them, he must either change them or

	-William Carlos Williams

    Hans-Christoph Steiner            http://works.steinertours.com

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