[PD] Stopping interference in MIDI input

Marcus Flanagan loveablemarcus at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 6 17:23:11 CET 2002


   I have a patch(which I've attached to this email) that takes a root note 
from a MIDI keyboard and outputs four chords in that root key in a 
rhythm..it works fine.

   Only problem is that if I want to play a melody over this rhythm track I 
cannot because when I press a key the whole tonal key of the backing is 
changed(because the backing rhythm track takes the input from the keyboard 

   How do I get around this...is it something to do with channels or 
devices? Am I supposed to specify 2 input devices in the command line when I 
start PD?...eg.. pd\bin\pd -midiindev 1, 3 -midioutdev 2  ???

   I was thinking that the notes in the lowest octave would control the 
backing and the rest would allow me to play the melody...just want to know 
how to keep them separate.


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