[PD] preventing abstractions from opening ?

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Thu Mar 7 13:03:31 CET 2002


it works indeed, and after setting toggle's front-color to white,
the cross will be invisible.

There is a peculiar Pd feature exploited here:  mouse clicks are
handled by the oldest object having a matching rectangle and
``willing to handle a click'' (for example a standard text object
box having a "click" method).  Since the oldest is the one at the
bottom, I think this is not what one would expect, though...

Changing this behaviour is quite simple (see the attachment),
but is it desired, if looking at a broader picture?  After all,
this is yet another order dependence headache...


btw, having switched to Debian (woody), I found that Pd configure
seems to be still not Debian-compatible.  Do all Pd/Debian users
really start with ln -s /usr/include/tcl8.3/*.h /usr/include?

sme wrote:
 > you can place them on a toggle with a larger size. the toggle gets a 
 > when you click on it, but you cannot reach the abstraction, although 
it is
 > above/on top.
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