[PD] [Gem] sig2pix~, pix2sig~

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Mar 7 12:40:24 CET 2002

ah thanks Ulrich for doing a little documentation patch

Ulrich Kehrer wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Mar 2002, Dave Phillips wrote:
>>This sounds like fun, do you have an example patch ?
> http://www.softpink.com/gem/misc_oscs.pd
> http://www.softpink.com/gem/sig2pix.pd
> the first one is just an abstraction you need.
> i think there's a zexy object in it.

so the main thing about both the pix_sig2pix~ and pix_pix2sig~ is, that 
they are working on a signal-block base.
this is: when using normal blcok-sizes (default: 64), you can only 
get/set 64 pixels of your image-data.
so if you create a "pix_sig2pix~ 64 64" you can only control the very 
first row with your signals.
you will have to add a "block~ 4096" somewhere in your patch.
this will slow-down the frame-rate of the "sig-video" (let's call it 
like this) to ~10 fps (the rendering frame-rate of Gem will be 
unaffected). so you would like to use "block~ 4096 2" to get reasonably 
you can change the dimensions of the image-data with the dimen-message 
(as is shown in Ulrich's example)

unfortunately the dimensions default to 256x256 (which is very 
unreasonabely for the use within pd). i think i will change this (to 8*8 
for example). anyhow, you will always want to set your initial values.

similar things apply to pix_pix2sig~.
if you try to convert "large" images (like 256x256) with pd's default 
blocksize, you will only get the first 64 pixels. this might be the 
case, why some of you encountered the very high tone not changing: it 
was just listening to a non-representative part of the image

> some obj-models can be found here, but there are lots of other places:
> http://avalon.viewpoint.com/

yo, the web is full of wave-front models.
but since few modellers are natively able to write .obj-files (yes, i 
know by now: there are plenty of filters/plugins/converters to 
read/write .obj-models with commen modellers) i am looking for a free 
(or more free) alternative.


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