[PD] best windows platform for pd?

mark mark at junklight.com
Thu Mar 7 16:41:22 CET 2002

I have been using it happily without any problems 
on windows 2000 (two separate machines) for a while now. 
w2k is a good system - fast and stable (well M$ had to learn 
how to write operating systems sooner or later :-))
I HAVE heard very good things about XP and will probably 
upgrade at some point - there is a good article about music 
and XP in a recent Sound on Sound (www.sospubs.co.uk).

If I was upgrading a machine right now I would be very 
tempted to go for XP.



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> I have an enquiry, which is the best operating system
> for pd after windows 98? We have to upgrade a few
> computers and I'm just curious what people out there
> think? Thanks in advance!
> ROry.
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