[PD] best windows platform for pd?

João Miguel Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Sat Mar 9 12:54:49 CET 2002

I've been using pd on xp, and it runs fine (for my small domestic needs).
One bug is that whenever I try to use the find option and it has to open a
new window the program crashes, but for the rest have no complaints.
When I have pacience and time, I'll try to install on suse 7.3


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> Rory Walsh hat gesagt: // Rory Walsh wrote:
> > I have an enquiry, which is the best operating system
> > for pd after windows 98? We have to upgrade a few
> > computers and I'm just curious what people out there
> > think?
> Probably Linux is not an option for you, but still I'd like to say, that I
> found PD much more responsive under Linux (with a low-latency-patched
> kernel) than under Window 2000, not to speack of Windows 98. Expecially
> GUI felt sluggish under Windows compared to Linux. I have no experience
> with XP and I hope, I won't need to get it ;)
> Ciao,

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