[PD] several again

João Miguel Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Fri Mar 8 11:07:13 CET 2002

Dear list

Is there an option to set a work folder for the open- and savepanel objects?
With that it would not be always in pd/bin when it is open for the first
what is the purpose of the in connection in noise~?
is there any way of changing the block~ size dinamically? What are it's
input commands?
I'm making a synthesis unit, with several devices. Does anyone know if it is
possible to have phase information (besides 1 and -1) in the individual
harmonics of "sinesum" option of an array? (like csound's gen9, for those
who know it)

(if someone feels the bulk of -small- subjects in the same message
confusing, please tell me so, and I can send them in several individual
messages - although this way saves bandwidth)

João Miguel Pais

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