[PD] [announce][toy] scratcher~

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Mar 9 23:55:45 CET 2002


> man, Yves, you are a machine!!  it's almost rude how often you make me
> download cool new stuff from your site ;-P

hem, sorry, but i rewrote scratcher~ for a v0.4
because i was not satisfied at all 
with the movement processing.
so, i'm afraid you'll have to download it again.

the new version deals with 
the following [ forgotten ] constraints :

* when the mouse doesn't move for a while ( 10 ms ),
speed is reset to zero.

* the speed is limited between
[ -maxspeed, maxspeed ] 
because that's what happens with a turntable. 
you can set the maxspeed, though.

i think that, now, quality of scratching
is improved but, let me know your opinion.



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