[PD] several again

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Mon Mar 11 09:36:33 CET 2002

João Miguel Pais wrote:
>>there is none i know of, but it would definitely be cool
>>btw: normally it starts at the current folder (where the patch is
>>located) -- or are you working from within pd/bin ?
> No, so that would be very useful and time-saving.
> Is it possible to save a stereo file from two (equal-sized) arrays? Or, for
> that case, x-channel file from x arrays? I'm using t11 on xp, but I am not
> up-to-date on the external libraries (have none installed).
have a look at "soundfiler" (which is real pd, but maybe linux only)

> If it is already implemented, what happens when the arrays aren't
> equal-sized? One stops before the other, or is there a loop/time rescaling
> process so that both end at the same time?
i haven't tried, but i really do not think, that there is any 
looping/rescaling thing implemented.

> (continuing with arrays), is it possible to invert an array horizontaly,
> like instead of 0-1-2-...-9 it would be 9-8-...-0? (or also vertically,
> given a central point?)
you could do this with abstractions:
just read out a table and write in transformedly into another one

> One other item that might be cool would be the possibility of more than one
> send (and receive) values in objects such as bang and toggle (mainly, but
> also for all kinds of objects) - although that can easily be simulated with
> several of those objects in cascade or "receive". Would this be hard (or
> useful) to implement?
> Or similar to that, the possibility of send and receive values in individual
> atoms (especially for graphic beauty, it would not be necessary all those
> "r" and "s" boxes).

i do not think that graphic beauty is the main goal of pd-patches.
i really prefer functionality.
(btw: i love using iem-guis, but i really think they are overloaded with 
functionality. but we have discussed this already)

you can write an abstraction/subpatch, where lot's of receives are 
connected to a single send that sends to your graphical-object.
and vice-versa


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