[PD] several again

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Mar 9 22:12:40 CET 2002


if phases are _really_ important to you, then try using [vex_gen]
from vexing library, which gives access to all the saol wavetable
generators, including `periodic', i.e. gen9.

Create [vex_gen <array-name>] or [vex_gen <array-name> norm],
send it `guards' message if [tabosc4~] is involved, and play with
wavetable messages, like `periodic [<parnum> <amp> <phs>]*'.

You may apply `retrograde' (horizontal inversion) to [vex_form],
or fiddle with `polynomial' message for vertical shifting,
flipping, scaling, etc.

Also, someone on this list mentioned having a need for sorting
numbers -- there is `sort' method of [vex_form].


I have made no documentation, no real testing either, so I would
rather not be willing to change vexing's status from vapourware
to egoware soon...

But otoh... some ego remained...

So here it is:  vexing.dll, containing:  vex, vex_gen, vex_form,
vex_pack, vex_unpack, vex_matrix, and vex_pool, at

It works only with newer Pd test releases, and is probably totaly
broken :)


João Miguel Pais wrote:
> (continuing with arrays), is it possible to invert an array horizontaly,
> like instead of 0-1-2-...-9 it would be 9-8-...-0? (or also vertically,
> given a central point?)
> [I'll just repeat this question, as it is important to me]
> Does anyone know if it is possible to have phase information (besides 1
> and -1) in the individual
> harmonics of "sinesum" option of an array? (like csound's gen9, for those
> who know it)

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