[PD] ASIO support

Michael Casey mkc at media.mit.edu
Wed Mar 13 14:44:30 CET 2002


Perhaps the current output buffer is emptying before PD can fill the next
buffer, this might be causing the broken sound. To fix, try increasing the
buffer size...

#define FRAMES_PER_BUFFER (256)


#define FRAMES_PERBUFFER (512)

This parameter will be dependent on the specific sound card. (126) works
for a digigram VX pocket because that's the buffer granularity. Such low
latencies work with simple patches, for more computationally intensive
patches (252 / 256) or (504 / 512) are necessary.

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Johannes Taelman wrote:

> Hi all,
> PD-test13 crashes with the hammerfall-dsp-card.
> It runs with a Layla24 soundcard, but sounds very broken.
> There is a typo on line 47 of pablio.c
> ] #define FRAMES_PER_BUFFER    (126) // low latency version (12ms @
>                                                              44.1kHz)
> should be
> ] #define FRAMES_PER_BUFFER    (128)
> Changing this makes it sound a little less broken (?) on the Layla24. I
> haven't checked with this change on the hammerfall-dsp, don't know if this
> eliminates the crash.
> The timing seems to be stable, only occasional clicks while
> smooth-scrolling in Internet Explorer.
> I think there is something wrong with the endianess in pd-ASIO.
> Everything sounds very distorted. I think the lsb and msb are swapped in
> playback. Where should I look for this in the code?
> thanks
> Johannes

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