[PD] ASIO support

Michael Casey mkc at media.mit.edu
Wed Mar 13 15:46:21 CET 2002


> Do you get it to work stable on your vxPocket?

Yes, very stable. No crashes.

> I'm afraid pd-asio is not using the native asio driver, but the
> directsound or mme wrapper. Where can I change this?

In pa_asio.cpp change sDefault[Input/Output]Device to be the index of the
native ASIO driver. PortAudio prints information on all available drivers
when PD starts so just count from 0 to the driver you want PD to use. In
my system, it is 2.

static int sDefaultOutputDeviceID = 0;
static int sDefaultInputDeviceID = 0;

changed to:

static int   sDefaultOutputDeviceID = 2;
static int   sDefaultInputDeviceID = 2;

The other thing to look at is pablio.c, make sure that numFrames is
reasonable. I print these out so I can see what's going on at run-time:

In OpenAudioStream(...){

minNumBuffers = Pa_GetMinNumBuffers( FRAMES_PER_BUFFER, sampleRate );
numFrames = minNumBuffers * FRAMES_PER_BUFFER;
numFrames = RoundUpToNextPowerOf2( numFrames );
printf("\nFramesPerBuffer :%d\n", (int)FRAMES_PER_BUFFER);
printf("minNumBuffers :%d\n", minNumBuffers);

These are the main parameters that control ASIO buffering from PortAudio.

Good luck,


> >
> >
> > Perhaps the current output buffer is emptying before PD can fill the next
> > buffer, this might be causing the broken sound.
> Yes, that'll be the problem. I recorded some output of pd digitally, and I
> can confirm endianess is not a problem. My previous remark about stability
> was based on the assumption that it was an endianess-problem.
> > To fix, try increasing the
> > buffer size...
> Right, that helps in some cases.
> > This parameter will be dependent on the specific sound card. (126) works
> > for a digigram VX pocket because that's the buffer granularity. Such low
> > latencies work with simple patches, for more computationally intensive
> > patches (252 / 256) or (504 / 512) are necessary.
> I guess this 126-samples buffer is specific for the vxPocket?
> What I notice that on one PC the ASIO direct sound driver warns that
> it cannot do full-duplex, and the ASIO multimedia configuration test
> dialog pops up, when I start PD.
> thanks,
> Johannes

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