[PD] ASIO support

Johannes Taelman Johannes.Taelman at rug.ac.be
Wed Mar 13 22:57:58 CET 2002

On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Miller Puckette wrote:

> This is exciting... I'll try this and see if it helps.
> As to multichannel, this will require rewriting pablio.c in
> pd\portaudio\pablio\.  I don't think it will be hard, but I'll need to
> get my platform working before I can test it...

I've got 8 channel-asio working by hard-coding the number of channels
in pablio.c
	aStream->samplesPerFrame = 8;
and also in s_nt_asio.c line 104
	#define PA_DEFAULTCH 8 /* portaudio specific? */
This last change is perhaps not needed.

Sorry, I do not have the time now to turn all these constants into
program arguments.


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