[PD] Linux PD on a handheld? Notes on M-Audio Quattro

Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder andy at eh2o.ws
Thu Mar 14 20:53:32 CET 2002

> Firstly I am a newbie, afterwhile of sighing and hoping to simply get it, i sat
> down and started to learn the code. My question is, might pd run on a linux
> based handheld with built in audio? 

I think that the new Sharp Zaurus would make an interesting target PDA
platform.  The processor is a strongarm 233mhz, its got plenty of RAM
and it runs linux.  Also has built in audio.  I asked about its audio
capability on the developer's group.  Apparently it can run in full
duplex w/ one channel in and one channel out, or out-only w/ two
channels out.  I've no idea what the S/N ratio would be or the minimum
latency, its probably be not-so-good-but-okay.


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