[PD] 3 patches

João Miguel Pais jmmmp at netcabo.pt
Sat Mar 16 17:36:00 CET 2002

Dear list,

I would like to present to your consideration a set of patches I've been
working on. There are 3:

-Sampler unit (stores up to 6 mono samples, played only at normal speed)
-Synthesis unit (sine, sawtooth, noise, fourier synthesis, waveshaping,
classic fm - from the reference folder)
- Effects processing unit (delay, filters, am), which works with the
previous two as sources

Every module can also record and has a (simple) fft window. It is not a
finished object (and probably will never be), but a work in progress, which
implements the things that I remembered so far. It's jsut supposed to be a
small utility for quick browsing.
It was made on win xp, and uses only standard objects, so I guess it should
work everywhere. One other thing, it is in (very bad) german.
Every critic/suggestion/advice is welcome.

You can find it at http://home.arcor.de/jmmmp/.

If possible, I would enjoy some guidances on these lines:
- how to make a "horizontal zoom" on the fft windows (dinamic change of
block~ size?)
- how to record a stereo file from two separate arrays (or x-channel from x
- der deutsch verbessern

Hope you have fun,

João Miguel Pais

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