AW: [PD] Windows compiling and cross platform buddies

Thomas Grill t.grill at
Mon Mar 18 11:56:38 CET 2002

this is a good idea.
Maybe we can call it a "project" and put it on sourceforge.
There all the possibilities of CVS, bug tracking, compile farms with
different platforms etc. are readily accessible.
I already put my xsample project on but i had no time to figure out
all the possibilities, though.

What concerns Windows compilers: The only problem with BorlandC++ is the
pd.lib which must be rebuilt for bcc. Apart from that i don't see any
incompatibilities. See my externals (including makefiles) for reference.
Rebuilding pd itself with bcc may need some porting work to be done, though.


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> Betreff: [PD] Windows compiling and cross platform buddies
> It strikes me that whilst linux bods can jump right
> in with externals (ie. most linux people are used to
> building things before they are installed and also
> they have the compilers and things) the situation is
> very different for the average windows user.
> That is the main compiler people use is not free (VC6)
> - the free one (borland) is not compatible. Also windows
> people are not used to this compile thing and its now
> where near as easy to set up on windows even if
> you do have the tools.
> Got all that? ;-)
> Therefore it might be nice to have a repository of compiled
> windows DLL's for people to access. It needn't be a big job
> - a page on the Wikki would work if we all agreed to
> maintain it properly.
> Releated to this is the idea of cross platform "buddies" - one
> or more Windows external developers could partner with
> one or more Linux external developers and help produce
> versions of each others library for the other platform. This
> would mean that for people like myself who don't have useful
> acess to a linux dev box (well one with a GUI anyway - I've
> got telnet access to our CVS box) producing linux versions
> of my work would be easier. In return I would help port
> other objects to windows (increasing the number of externals
> I have access to).
> Anyone have any thoughts on this?
> mark

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