[PD] gem 0.87_2/test2 segment faulting.........

dmotd dmotd at subdimension.com
Wed Mar 20 03:12:31 CET 2002


just a quick bug report for the latest revision of Gem which
i am running from a debian/powerpc.. 

Gem compiled without error, and the library loads without
error.  However it breaks pd whenever i try to create a
window using gemwin (Segmentation Fault), it also seg-faults
when i try to load the model example patch before even
loading the patch window (tho this example may have a
loadbang on a gemwin?).  Not all the gem objects seem to be
broken as i have been able to successfully load qt+mpeg
films into both pix_movie and pix_film.

has anyone else run into this problem and is it possible
that i am missing an important display library or could it
just be a problem with the powerpc architecture?   
FYI....iMac rev.c...w..debian-powerpc/potato with linux
kernel 2.2.19...
          ..running pd 34-4..zexy 1.1 extern..and gem
              (on board video)
                 all necessary libraries are installed

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