[PD][Gem] gem 0.87_2/test2 segment faulting.........

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Wed Mar 20 16:14:19 CET 2002

dmotd wrote:
> hallo........
> just a quick bug report for the latest revision of Gem which
> i am running from a debian/powerpc..
unfortunately i have no experience with the powerpc....

> Gem compiled without error, and the library loads without
> error.  However it breaks pd whenever i try to create a
> window using gemwin (Segmentation Fault),

> it also seg-faults
> when i try to load the model example patch before even
> loading the patch window (tho this example may have a
> loadbang on a gemwin?).
no surely it does not have a loadbang.
but the [model] automatically tries to load model-data from venus.obj 
(and venus.mtl)
this might be related to your problem.
you have to edit line 15 in the model.pd file. just remove the 
expression "venus.obj" --- and tell me what is happening.

can you open the model with any other program ?
a good idea would be to compile the glut-example that comes with 
glut-doc and on which the Gem-code is based.
you should find it in /usr/share/doc/glut-doc/examples/progs/demos/smooth

>  Not all the gem objects seem to be
> broken as i have been able to successfully load qt+mpeg
> films into both pix_movie and pix_film.
how did you do this, when not being able to create a Gem-window ?

> has anyone else run into this problem and is it possible
> that i am missing an important display library or could it
> just be a problem with the powerpc architecture?  

again, i am sorry that i have no experience with powerpcs.
do other openGl-programs work ?
(my first tests are always with the openGL-screensavers; later comes 


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