[PD] timing/sound problems

t.ralf ralf at t0.or.at
Thu Mar 21 19:27:18 CET 2002

Miller Puckette wrote:
> Hi x,
> I just tried this, using my 2.4.7-10 kernel (from RH 7.1 I think.)  No
> problems, except that "pd -nodac" gave a wierd error I'll look for later.
> So I'm not sure what's happening here...!  I especially don't see why
> it would fail if "test4" succeeded...

i just tried a work-around using alsa drivers with my intel 810 soundchip.
metro timing etc. now seems to be about 100 times too slow! (whereas 
with oss it was about 100 times too fast and i had no audio).
i experienced this with test4 and test11. (additionally both times i got 
some nasty clicks)

strange, since test4 with oss just works fine.


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