[PD] udp string syntax for netreceive

Dan Neveu neveu at acsu.buffalo.edu
Thu Mar 21 22:21:12 CET 2002

well, I had beautiful udp communication working from my CAVE vr application
to my Pd patch using a fairly generic c++ udp socket class. That was with
ver0.34-3. I upgraded to 0.34.4 and subsequently, 0.35test11, both of
which I lost my networking capability (Pd to Pd communication still works).
This is also aside from the netreceive behavior change from new to old, back
to new again, for which I've tested for both. 

my udp send call is simply:
socket->send(command, strlen(command)); 
...where command has the string format <message parameter;>

has there been some fundamental change here?


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