[PD] udp string syntax for netreceive

jdavison at speakeasy.org jdavison at speakeasy.org
Fri Mar 22 06:20:35 CET 2002

        Miller Puckette writes:

> Make sure messages are terminated with carriage return ('\n')

New line, not carriage return.  "Carriage return" is denoted by '\r'.  See
ISO/IEC 9899, Section edition, 1999-12-01, Section 5.2.2 ("Character display
semantics"), Page 19, Clause 2.

Alphabetic escape sequences are guaranteed to work only if you're be using
compatible character sets everywhere.  In the superset-of-ASCII case, the
"new line" will be rendered as an ASCII LF (decimal 10).  It's more portable,
and arguably less confusing, to explicitly specify the trailing "new line"
character in a way that doesn't depend on the translation environment's
specific character set -- something like '\012', '\xa', '\xA', or "#define
PD_ASCII_LF ((char) (10))".

Pardon my pedantry.

John Davison, jdavison at-sign speakeasy period org

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