Fw: [PD] starting pd under windows

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Fri Mar 22 19:04:53 CET 2002

I have added a link to this documentation to pure-data.org.

If you have similar documentation (and I haven't already linked it), you
can get it listed on pure-data.org by clicking "Links", then "Add Link".
This will send a message to me. I can approve a link very quickly. The
PostNuke system will automatically check to see whether your link is
there from time to time, and if it goes away, it will not list it (it
will also send me a message).

You can also do this sort of thing with announcements about your
externals and object libraries, projects like loopool or pdx7,
recordings you're releasing, performances, etc., etc...

You can also rate different externals, object libraries, etc..., so new
users will be able to see what stuff the community as a whole thinks is
useful or interesting.

There are many great features like this that are not visible from the
surface of the web site. I'm not exactly sure how to make them more
visible without making them obtrusive (aside from letters like this

On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 06:50, Juha Vehviläinen wrote:
> Hi there,
> here's my icon attached, it's simple but I like it.
> Juha
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> > From: "sme" <marius.schebella at chello.at>
> > To: <pd-list at iem.kug.ac.at>
> > Sent: Friday, March 22, 2002 12:50 PM
> > Subject: [PD] starting pd under windows
> >
> >
> > > hi
> > > i wrote some short info about starting pd on windows-systems.
> > > this is what i have:
> > > http://www.parasitaere-kapazitaeten.net/Pd/start_pd_win.htm
> > > there are still some features i would like to add, but i don´t know
> > whether
> > > this can be done.
> > > i customized windows to start pd when clicking on a pd-file with the
> > > selected file as open patch. but if i want to open another patch then
> > > windows starts a new pd. how can i tell windows to start that patch in
> the
> > > already running pd-process?
> > > on the other hand, would it be better to use an ini-file or something
> > > similar?
> > > and finally: has someone created an official program-icon for pd?
> > > sme
> >
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