[PD] Chord Fingerings/Flush

Marcus Flanagan loveablemarcus at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 24 02:28:33 CET 2002

Attached is a patch that recognises three fingered chord fingerings for 
Major and Minor chords(eg.. C, E, G = "C Major" ...A, C, E = "A Minor").

Scroll up to the top left of the patch to see the on/off switches. Initally 
when you start, I have set it to play in the key of C....but once you finger 
a chord(all three notes at the same time!) it will modulate and the melody 
shall modulate also.

It plays a chord rhythm and a melody.

Why does flush keep appearing on the command prompt window? If anyone knows 
what is wrong with my patch that causes this flush message..then let me 

Thanks to the people who helped point me in the right direction with this!

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