[PD] double precision + benchmarking

Sukandar Kartadinata sk at glui.de
Sun Mar 24 03:41:54 CET 2002

Dear list,
while the basic port of pd for the gluiph's TriMedia port went rather 
painlessly (compared to the hardware dev anyway...), there's still a 
few details that need to be ironed out. One I'd like to have your 
opinion/experience on is double precision arithmetic, which I'd have 
to run thru a software lib that slows things down by a factor of 100.
Browsing thru the pd source, double precision seems to be used mainly
(1) to process phase information for the oscillators
(2) for system timing and
(3) misc. graphic stuff.

(3) is not much of a problem since the GUI will be stripped anyway
(2) is not called all too often (?), so the slow down is kinda acceptable
(1) is what I'd like your opinion on - how much do double precision 
phases improve sound quality ?
(btw it seems that e.g. phasor~ doesn't use most of those extras bits 
but wraps around at 32 bits... can this be confirmed ??)

second question is what people use for benchmarking, as I'm curious 
to see how my little box stacks up against the heavyweights. 
Preferably something w/o sound file access, as the file system is one 
of those other details I still have to tweak...

thanks much,

sukandar kartadinata
   the glui performance hardware

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