FW: [PD] flext external problem

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sun Mar 24 23:25:45 CET 2002

Ooops, another thing: (sorry for spamming the list)

>Therefore (if your constructor and destructor do nothing) you should either
>omit them (and use FLEXT_TILDE_NEW without a creation argument) or
>implement them, by stating
>        mydsp(float notused=0) {}
>        ~mydsp() {}
>at least.

If you use 1 signal in and 1 out, your constructor has to look like

mydsp::mydsp(float notused=0) {
    add_in_signal();  // audio in
    add_out_signal();  // audio out
    setup_inout();  // set up inlets and outlets

I promise i will write some documentation soon.....


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