[PD] [announce] Vst~ - important bug fix

jfm3 jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org
Tue Mar 26 19:14:59 CET 2002

On Mon, 2002-03-25 at 06:51, mark wrote:
> I am not sure how to update the pure-data.org entry - jfm3 could 
> you drop me a line to explain how I can do this. 


Go to the Downloads section, find your entry ("vst~"), and click on
"Details" for it. Now click on "Modify" or "Report Broken Link". If you
click on "Modify", you'll get a form you can fill in with whatever you
think the right information is. When you submit that form, it will be
shown to me the next time I see the web site, and I can approve it or
not from there. Anybody registered can make a submission like this; I
and whoever else I appoint as an administrator can approve them.

You'll find there are a bunch of other features in there too, which are
all obvious enough for me to omit from this little note. Please explore.
Over the course of time, as we move from having ~100 objects outside the
main Pd distribution to ~1000 and then to ~10000, this system should
give us all a way to keep on top of things.

Thanks, btw, for the vst~ object. It's one of the more frequently
visited ones in the collection. Although I don't do windows, I'm sure
it's helping a lot of people make a lot of music.


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