[PD] 2 Q's Vst~ - -asio

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Wed Mar 27 16:42:06 CET 2002

HI all,

as far as I know you just invoke "pd -asio" and possible "-soundindev <n>
-soundoutdev <n> and/or the same with "-inchannels" and "-outchannels".
If you get the usage message, are you sure you're really invoking 0.35 test 15?


> Another question I have is about ASIO in PD - what do I do to get this
> working?  I have added  -asio to my PD batch file and I get the error with
> the list of valid flags when PD starts up.  Do i have to put the asio driver
> files into the pd folder, if so where? if this has been discussed elsewhere,
> sorry, just link me.
> I am using PD 0.35-test 15 on MSW98
> Thanks,
> Rob Canning
> ps. great new site jfm3!

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