[PD] double precision + benchmarking

Sukandar Kartadinata sk at glui.de
Thu Mar 28 01:34:51 CET 2002

I wrote:
>Browsing thru the pd source, double precision seems to be used mainly
>(1) to process phase information for the oscillators
>(2) for system timing and
>(3) misc. graphic stuff.
>(3) is not much of a problem since the GUI will be stripped anyway
>(2) is not called all too often (?), so the slow down is kinda acceptable

after more analysis it seems that functions like sys_getrealtime() 
are called more often than I assumed (or is it just my simple test 
patches spending too much time int the idle loop ?).
So I have to ask again: could a float variable be sufficient for the 
timing stuff maybe ? Or what's the best way to tackle this ?
(fwiw, I have access to a 64bit cycle counter, so the precision is available)

oh, and the 32bit integer version of phasor~ sounds quite alright. 
Thanks for the suggestion. (Couldn't find it in CSound though)


sukandar kartadinata
   the glui performance hardware

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