[PD] [announce] flext 0.2.0, xsample 0.2.2

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Thu Mar 28 15:31:12 CET 2002

Hi list,
i've just uploaded the new versions of the flext C++ layer and of the
xsample extended sample objects (as well as the idelay demo object)

As usual you will find sources, builds, help patches under

flext 0.2.0:
- Most message or dsp externals without GUI can now be written merely
depending on flext functions
- Any inlet can now receive any message, like lists and anythings
- Switchable MaxMSP-like distribution of list elements across inlets
- Improved behavior for buffers/arrays
- Changed to WikiLike notation for function names (for a better separation
from the PD/MaxMSP standard-C functions)

The next version step will bring more functions to ease programmer's life
(e.g. for atom lists, clock functions) and to enable multithreaded
operation. Documentation shall improve in the meantime.....

xsample 0.2.2:
- fixed a number of bugs

Multichannel operation coming soon....

greetings, Thomas

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