[PD] object to read in midi files .

joge . gboy at nycap.rr.com
Fri Mar 29 06:53:40 CET 2002

hi Krzysztof ,

thank you much for this object !!  its exactly what i am looking for ..
however i am bit confused as to how to use it .  i have been reading the
online documentation you have for each object and i've looked at the
examples posted online also . however i am still not quite getting how to
use the objects , are there any help patches available ?

i am basically looking for a way to record and play back midi files .  i
would be recording from a midi keyboard into a file [would this file be able
to be opened in nuendo or some similar sequencing file ] ...  then i would
be playing back the midi file for use with the vst~ object running pro-52 ,
all the while dynamically influencing the values that are coming from the
midi file . its my initial experiment into algorithmic composition of sorts

thanks !

joge .
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> hi joge,
> try xeq.  If in trouble, send me a note off the list
> (with a hint how could I reach you -- it seems like
> my server is blacklisted at your site?)
> Krzysztof
> joge . wrote:
> ...
>  > i was just curious if there was an object available that is capable of
>  > reading in midi files on the windows platform ..

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