[PD] object to read in midi files .

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Fri Mar 29 16:26:44 CET 2002

hi joge,

indeed, I am so lazy...  Have you tried using `mfread', and `mfwrite'
messages?  They may be applied to any host, also to [xeq_record].

What is puzzling?  Maybe `the host and friends' thing?  The idea is
to be possible to load (record, construct) a sequence once, and then
to trigger multiple players for that sequence, each with a separate
set of playback parameters (tempo, transposition, looping, etc).
It is like using a single [delwrite~] (a delay line `host'), and
multiple [delread~]s or [vd~]s (`players').

Otherwise, I think, all the main object classes are documented, their
inputs, and outputs alike.  Playback is as easy, as connecting a proper
[xeq_parse]'s outlet to a [noteout] (and/or [ctlout], etc).  Or
connecting middle outlet of [xeq] (also of [xeq_record]) to a [midiout].
Recording may be trickier, because it is meant to be more general, than
just midi recording.  Have a look at the help patch for [xeq_record].


p.s. I am sending this through the list, not being able to reach joge
directly, sorry!  And I am going to go off-line until around tuesday,
sorry again...

joge . wrote:
 > however i am bit confused as to how to use it .  i have been reading the
 > online documentation you have for each object and i've looked at the
 > examples posted online also . however i am still not quite getting how to
 > use the objects , are there any help patches available ?
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