[PD] compiling pd on sparc linux

Tom Schouten tjhs at mac.com
Fri Mar 29 13:55:42 CET 2002

hi list,

i was wondering if anyone ever tried compiling pd on sparc linux? i 
tried yesterday but got some strange results.

i had to comment out some code in s_inter.c:

signal(SIGSTKFLT, sys_exithandler);

because apparently, sparclinux does not have this signal defined.

then everything compiled without further problems, but when i tried to 
run it, there are some troubles with the gui. /dev/dsp opens fine, but 
there seems to be a problem  with creating patch windows:

if i try to create a new patch, nothing happens. when i try to quit, pd 
for confirm, but nothing happens after, when i try to open a patch, i 
get a panel and after selecting a file, nothing happens...

i tried this with pd-0.35-test16, but the pd version wich is included in 
my debian sparc distro (v 0.28) has the same behaviour.

any ideas?


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