[PD] basic? math: "remap"

Andre Schmidt (aka Huo Long) andre at vju.info
Fri Mar 29 21:22:15 CET 2002

hi list,

greetz from germany/ffm 2 all PD devs & users !!! me tink PD veri guut...
after dreaming side my friends titanium+max+nato (don't even got the e's for a mac)
i found PD&Co a couple months back and i've been happier than he ever since :)


i've got a "simple" problem;
i want to convert/"remap" numbers according adjustable "input min max" and "output min max". a program called BuildingBlocks (what i used before PD) had a "module" named remap(or was it rescale, dunno) anyway,
what it does; it takes a number thats in range of of inputMin/Max then "remaps/rescales" the number according outMin/Max...

well, i put it this way:

"module" settings:
inputMin:0    inputMax:1
outputMin:4    inputMax:72

and heres couple examples what would come in/out:
input  "module"  output
-1.342    ->        4 / nothing
0           ->        4
1           ->        72
0.5        ->        ~34
1.532     ->        72 / nothing

i think i could make it with calculations, but i'm too lazy :), and i'm allready used to use this "module"...

if you want to know where i use it, here goes:
adc~ > envrms~ > pix_movie[frameNumber]
and because i use videoClips with different framecount i would need that "module"

ok, i hope you got the point...

hope i'm not blind...
i searched modules in PD, GEM, ZEXY, TOYS...
archives in pd-list...
pdb, Pure Data Base...

if this was covered somewhere and ive overlooked it, spank me :)

hups, allmost forgot:
win2k, pd34-4

so many thnx for any help in advance

Kaikki vihaavat minua koska olen vainoharhainen.
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