[PD] [announce] py 0.0.1 python script object

Thomas Grill t.grill at gmx.net
Sat Mar 30 09:51:42 CET 2002

am 30.03.2002 4:34 Uhr schrieb jfm3 unter jfm3 at ouroboros-complex.org:

> I worry a lot about this external, as well as about Joe Sarlo's GrIPD.
> Python is not anywhere near a real time language. Run time environments
> with automatic memory deallocation are very tricky to get to work in
> bounded time. I worry that when a moderate to large amount of Python
> code gets loaded, and the program runs for a while, its garbage
> collection and paging behavior will cause timing failures in even simple
> MIDI processing. Am I just being up tight about all music code being
> bounded time, or does anyone else see this as a real issue?

it is very likely that you are right worrying about real-time-capability of
python. (you can turn off garbage collection, btw.) I will try to elaborate
a bit more on this issue.
On the other hand my primary goal for the next time is to extend pd and max
in the direction of non-time (buffer-oriented) features, with spectral and
time-paradox functions. For that, python provides the most versatile way for
algorithmic compsition.
Watch out for the VASP (vector assembling signal processor).


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