[PD] fonts 4 pd (beta)

Ben Saylor bsaylor at macalester.edu
Tue Apr 2 08:59:35 CEST 2002

Pretty :)  Windows fon fonts can be converted for unix with fnt2bdf from
Wine.  I haven't tried it with Pd yet, because installing fonts in linux
is a pain, and "courier" is hard-coded all over pd.tk..

On Tue, Apr 02, 2002 at 07:46:19AM +0200, Andre Schmidt wrote:
> ok, got my first font for pd beta-ready !
> (means, all characters should be there and in their place:)
> the font has (for beta testing) as internal name "courier". 
> installing in windows:
> 1. close all programs that are using "courier" fonts
> 2. delete all installed "courier" fonts (ttf+fon) (dont forget to backup them first!!!)
> 3. copy the beta PD8x13BN.FON font file to ../windows/fonts
> 4. ready. all progs that use "courier" font should now use the new font
> size compared with win2k initial Courier fonts (number 1 is the MAIN courier font in win2k) : http://www.vju-tv.net/sizes.gif (NORM means that i deletet all "bold" entries in pd.tk)
> ...here you can see the alpha version in action : http://www.vju-tv.net/virgin.gif (notice the size of math symbols & numbers) (capitols converted to 1pix thick in beta version)
> and ofcourse the font (only 8x13pix version, yet) : http://www.vju-tv.net/pd8x13bn.fon
> and because its a bitmap font there should be no problems converting crossplatform...
> any bugs, nags, comments, wishes... can be sent to huolong at vju.info
> (i've tested the font only with screen res1024x768)
> -andre
> ps. please tell me what format you need, if FON doesnt work in your platform!

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