[PD] Pd 0.35 test 17 released...

Joreg Diessl joreg at gmx.at
Fri Apr 5 02:27:52 CEST 2002


ah thanks. now i get all my 16 channels in and out.
but. simply starting up pd with 16 i/o channels causes the
system-process (see taskmanager in w2k) to take 40% cpu load.
pd stays at around 2%.

is that why i should use the asio drivers?
i'd love to if they'D allow me to use more than 2 channels.
is anybody using more than 2channels via asio on w2k?


MP> Hi all,

MP> Test 17 is available in the usual,

MP> http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html

MP> several improvements:

MP> I incorporated Thomas Musil's newest GUI objects (thanks Thomas!)
MP> readsf~/writesf~ work in NT (thanks to Karl and Olaf...)
MP> Support for reading Wave files with the new 18-byte (?) headers
MP> Fixed an oddity noticed by Krzysztof
MP> made -maxsize imply -resize

MP> ... still a dozen bugs to fix and lots of documentation to come...

MP> cheers
MP> Miller

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