[PD] Pd 0.35 test 17 released...

Johannes Taelman johannes.taelman at rug.ac.be
Fri Apr 5 16:02:43 CEST 2002

> I tried to do this for my tascam 428 with 4 in- and 2 out-channels (which
> are correctly recognized by paAsio_QueryDeviceInfo) with NCHANNELS 4 and
> even 6, but PD hangs after recognizing the possible SampleRates. Do you
> have any ideas about further modifacations to get the 4 ins running? (I
> tried defining 4 outchannels too)

No idea. In the current implementation of ASIO in PD, the number of input
channels must be equal to the number of output channels. Unless you do not
need sound output, I see no quick hack to solve this.

Johannes Taelman

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