[PD] [GEM] multi-displays in win2k

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Mon Apr 8 01:36:48 CEST 2002

i've got geforce2mx(with composite out) and it CAN'T be used as "native" 2
screens !!!
i can use only clone, horizontal span or vertical span, so in a program that
(could) use 2 screen, i have only 1 to choose) that seems to be one of the
features thats ripped in the mx version :(

i've used gem with 2 cards (screen1 gemwindow / screen2 pd) i got rid of
that task bar only resising it over 640x480 (res of screen1) an then moving
it to screen1...

there was something in the gem-docs how to get that automaticly open
maximized in screen1 (you had to make a variable in windows
"gem_single_contest=1", or something like that), but the task bar is still

and remember, when using 2 cards on windows, only card1 (primary display)
uses directX/openGL

s**t, we have a cool dualhead card with 3dlabs chip that can use
directX/openGL on both outputs (and at the same time!!!), BUT theres no
openGL drivers win2k and somehow wont work under win98 (maybe defect, ebay
cheaper) :(((((((((

but the best tip is: buy a scanconverter with zoom !!! (that way you can use
also progs that wont have fullscreen or dual output)


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> ok.  i have gem going in win2k and i have two displays (one crt for
> the patch, tv for the gemwin) driven by a geforce2 card.  i have the
> extended desktop going but i would like to do the following:
> - have unequal sized displays (the crt 1024x768 + tv 640x480).  right
> now i can only do 1600x600 even though the card can do many different
> combinations of resolutions.  i can do this in linux, but can't get
> it going in win2k using nview.
> - move the gemwin without the border.  i checked the code and it
> doesn't seem like the position of the window can be set through an
> argument or message like a [position X, Y].  perhaps also when
> creating the context there could be a [fullscreen n] message where n
> is the display number??  or is there some easy way to drag the thing
> without the title bar that i don't know about...
> - get rid of the stupid task bar.  i checked the hide task bar
> feature but there is still a sliver of it at the bottom of the
> screen.  it's on both screens which is even more annoying.
> thanks
> cgc

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