[PD] [GEM] multi-displays in win2k

chris clepper cclepper at artic.edu
Tue Apr 9 04:23:44 CEST 2002

here's what i came up with that's sorta satisfactory:

- set the nview option to span the desktop horizontally
- make the tv out the primary monitor
- border 0 and dimensions 800x600 on the gemwin

gives fullscreen output only on the svid-out and it covers the 
taskbar.  would be nice to have more options...


>Hmmm I can't seem to set the display to a different resolution than
>the TV. perhaps the win2k driver does not support it?
>I've found the best results for a display situation is to put the
>taskbar at the top and the second monitor (tv) below the main (patch)
>screen. That way ou can move the titlebar up so that it goes into the
>upper screen, and the taskbar is out of the way.
>if your gemwin matches the resolution of the second monitor it should
>be no trouble to hide all the window decorations. (I've done it many
>times without anything but the window content visible (in w2k)
>Good luck!

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